Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the Greenest and most Environmentally Friendly Country in the World.
Costa Rica HAS NO ARMY! - Declared PEACE to the world in 1949.
Trip to Costa Rica : Arenal Volcano, Manuel Antonio National Park, La Fortuna waterfall, San Jose, Jaco Beach and more. Videos and photos
Discover Costa Rica Best destination - Costa Rica is one of most highly valued tourist destinations in this planet.
Costa Rica ("Rich Coast") is a peaceful country in central without army since 1949!

You can enyou the beaches, volcanoes, rain forest, mountains and art, culture and museums in the cities.

Costa Rica is ranked in the top Latin American countries in terms of the travel, business, and Human Development Index.

Costa Rica Ranks First in the Happy Planet Index :)
Costa Rica is the world's #1 happiest and greenest country in the world According to the New Economics Foundation
Environmental Performance Index Costa Rica is ranked 5th in the world, and 1st among the Americas in 2008.
In 2007 the Costa Rican government announced plans for Costa Rica to become the first carbon neutral country by 2021.
Human Development Index - Rank is 54th in the world in 2007.
Costa Rica - Country Overview
Costa Rica Presentation - Harvard Graduate School of Education Multicultural Festival in 2009. Music by Malpaís.
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Geographical Location:
Lattitude: 10°00'00" North of the equator
Long: 84°15'11" West of the Prime Meridian.

Borders / Boundaries:

Northwest: Nicaragua (309 km or 192 mi of border)
Southeast: Panamá (639 km or 397 mi of border)
West: Pacific Ocean - Pacific coast is 1, 016 km (631 miles)
East: Caribbean Sea - Caribbean coast is 212 km (132 mi)

Land Area: In total, Costa Rica comprises 51, 100 square kilometres (19, 700 square miles) plus 589 square kilometres (227 sq mi) of territorial waters.
Maximum Length: (Río Sapoa - Punta Burica): 288 miles

Maximum width: (Cabo Santa Elena - Boca del Río Colorado): 161 miles
Coastline: Total 1, 290 kilometres (800 mi) in Caribean and Pacific .
Unemployment rate: 6.2% (2005)

Main traditional export products: Banana, Coffee, Meat, Sugar.

Recent export products:
Electronic microcomponents, pineapple, medicines, ornamental plants, rubber packing, women's clothing, flowers, fish, tires, glass containers and polyester fibers.

More statistics from the Comex - Ministry of Trade

División Territorial Administrativa / Administrative Division

Costa Rica has been an independent country for the whole twentieth century.

Costa Rica is divided into seven provinces (provinces) .

Provinces : 7
County 81 Counties - 463 Districts
Indigenous population : 1%
Indian Reservations: 1, 240 square miles (22 reservations)
Tribes (reservations) :
Malekus (Guatusos), Chorotegas (Matambú), Huetares (Quitirrisí y Zapatón), Cabécares (Nairí-Awari, Chirripó, Alto de Chirripó, Tayni, Telire, Talamanca Cabécar y Ujarrás), Bribrís (Cocles, Talamanca Bribrí, Salitre y Cabagra), Teribes (Térraba), Borucas (Boruca y Curré) y Guaymies (Coto Brus, Abrojo Montezuma, Osa, Conte Burica).
Indigenous languages :
Maleku, Cabécar, Bribri, Guaymí y Brunca.

Other names of country

Origin of name:

Spanish for rich coast. Columbus thought there was gold to be found there.

Danish: Costa Rica
Dutch: Costa Rica, Republiek Costa Rica (formal)
English: Republic of Costa Rica (formal)
Finnish: Costa Rica
French: Costa Rica m
German: Costa Rica n
Icelandic: Kostaríka
Italian: Costa Rica f
Norwegian: Costa Rica, Republikken Costa Rica (formal)
Portuguese: Costa Rica, República f da Costa f Rica (formal)
Spanish: Costa Rica, República f de Costa f Rica (formal)
Swedish: Costa Rica
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