Chirripo National Park
Location: Located in the Talamanca mountain range, straddling the provinces of Limon. Cartago and San Jose. Importance: This is the tallest mountain in Costa Rica, with an altitude of 3, 819 m. It proudly displays small valleys of glacial origin that were carved by the action and movement of ice masses some 25, 000 to 30, 000 years ago.
Chirripo National Park, Costa Rica
Chirripo National Park - Parque Nacional Chirripo
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Chirripo National Park, Costa Rica - - Visit to one of the less explored areas in Costa Rica. With stunning and the highest peak
Chirripo National Park Costa Rica - Located at 3820 m above sea level. Area of 50.1Km² - With 25 species of mammals, 5 of amphibians, 75 of
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