Bird Watching

Bird Watching
Birds of Costa Rica
Costa Rica Wildlife: Birds of Costa Rica - Costa Rica is known internationally for its fantastic birding. The country's mainland and territorial waters host more than 840 species
Costa Rica Eco Birdy Adventure: Los Quetzales National Park - Resplendent Quetzals at their nest.
Finding Birds in Costa Rica - Quetzals
Guide to Birds of Costa Rica. Find the Best Birding sites. Info on who to talk to in specific areas about seeing birds.
Quetzal and the Macaw: The Story of Costa Rica's National Parks -
Photographic guide to the Birds of Costa Rica - The best photos in Costa Rica.
A Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica - One of the most diverse bird populations anywhere with detailed species , descriptions of birding localities. Know avifauna of Costa Rica Over 1, 000 species illustrated on color plates. Follows the sequence and taxonomy of the American Ornithologists Union.
Costa Rica Birding
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Costa Rica Bird Watching
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Lake Metroparks celebrates International Migratory Bird Day at Lake Erie Bluffs Several varieties of neotropical birds got a warm welcome back at Lake Erie Bluffs May 11.

Bird Challenge Positions Costa Rica as a Preferred Bird Watching Destination The Costa Rica Star Costa Rica was the site of the Bird Challenge 2018, and activity that took place between October 4 and October 12 as part of the “Ruta de Aves” (Bird Route) ...