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Costa Rica is one of the most safest and attractive country for foreign investment in Latin America. The investment friendly policies and tradeds, makes Costa Rica "the Silicon Valley of Latin America" and the "Swiss of Central America". Commercial leaders and high-tech corporations such as Intel, HP, Acer, Microsoft, GE, Abbot Laboratories, Western Union, Merck Sharp and Dome, Roche, Cisco Systems, Continental Airways have services and big investments here. Since 1998, Costa Rica is earning more from high technology exports than from coffee or bananas or even the lucrative tourism industry.

The World Bank has given Costa Rica an excellent bill of overall political and economic health. "healthy economic growth rate" and "some of the best social indicators" on the continent. Costa Rica is one of the most vocal supporters of continental free trade, and already has its own agreement with Mexico and other countries of the region.
CINDE CINDE, the Costa Rica Investment and Development Board, has been officially commissioned by the government of Costa Rica to be the main promoter and advisor to foreign investors. CINDE is a private, non-profit organization that provides complete and updated information on the economy and the business environment in Costa Rica, and helps in the initial contact with potential investors. It has an office in New York to provide tailor-made services.
PROCOMER PROCOMER, the Foreign Trade Promotion Institute, can help exporters understand relevant legislation, acquire export permits, seize the advantages of market opportunities and chart their way through related fields of endeavor.
CADEXCO CADEXCO, the Costa Rican Exporters Chamber, provides information to entrepreneurs, private and public institutions on export procedures and requirements; trade barriers and how to overcome them; how to sell products abroad; information on export credit lines and export contracts, international prices, etc.
SUGEVAL Superintendencia General de Valores
SUGEF Reguladores de Instituciones Finacieras - Superintendencia General de Entidades Financieras
International Organizations
BCIE Banco Centroamericano de Integracion Economica
Consejo Monetario Centroamericano Coordina la politica monetaria, cambiaria, crediticia y financiera de los paises centroamericanos.
Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo
Banco Mundial
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