Cocos Island
Cocos Island National Park
Isla del Coco National Park
Location: Pacific Ocean, 548 Km. of Nicoya's Cabo Blanco in the province of Guanacaste. Its point closest to the continent can be found is 5°3'34" North Latitude and 87°18'6" West Longitude. Importance: Isla del Coco Patrimony of mankind and National Park, its importance transcends the national boundaries to become an international legacy. Its greatest pride are the marine resources. 235 species of plants have been identified in the island, 70 of which are endemic; 57 crustaceans, 118 marine mollusks, 200 fish, 351 insects and 18 coral species.

Cocos Island National Park - Costa Rica
Cocos Island, Costa Rica, The Real Jurassic Park - Cocos Island (Isla del Coco) is a 2 x 5 mile wide island designated as a National Park off the shore of Costa Rica.
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