Carara Biological Reserve
Location: It is located on the Pacific coast, along the shores of the Grande de Tarcoles River, Southeast of the city of Orotina, Puntarenas province. Importance: Carara displays a high diversity of plants, predominantly evergreens. It has several ecosystems, such as: swamps, a lagoon, a gallery forest, secondary and primary forests.

Carara national park, Costa Rica - Carara National Park is a national park in the Central Pacific Conservation Area located near Orotina and Jaco
Carara National Park and Tarcoles River - Wildlife in Costa Rica.
Crocodile safari Carara National Park Costa Rica - Explore the world with aerial videos
Carara National Park, Costa Rica
Visit of the Carara National Park in Costa Rica. Scarlet Macaw birds, Monkeys and a lot of other species are to be seen. Beware
Carara National Park in Costa Rica Vacations - This protected area might not be well known for tourist, but it hides a wide range of flora and fauna, and it is located near Jaco
National Park - Costa Rica National Parks and Reserves
Costa Rica Carara 2019
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