Monteverde Biological Reserve
Location: It is located in the northern plains. Importance: The Monteverde area in Costa Rica is world famous for its cloud forest. There are now two reserves, the original Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and the new Santa Elena Rain Forest. In these forests you can enjoy the cloud forest climate and hike the trails amongst the varieties of plants and magnificent epiphytic laden trees, there have been over 450 bird species seen in the Monteverde area. The native birds are joined at certain time of the year by those which migrate through from North America. The resplendent quetzals with their long tails feed at various locations in the area and one can at times hear the "bong" of the bell birds. These areas sit astride the continental divide at an altitude a bit above 5000 feet. They protect and provide habitat for hundreds of species of plants and animals.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica
Monteverde Cloud Forest
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Monteverde Butterfly Garden - focus is environmental education, with a nature center and four enclosed butterfly gardens.
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